Most people eat oranges and throw the peels away without realising it contains very important nutrients that are very helpful to the body. Cut oranges into quarters and remove the pulp or squeeze the juice out of the oranges before removing the pulp. Dry the orange peels till they are crisp. Crush the peels into pieces.

Orange peels contain properties that help in weight loss, fights cancerous cells, prevents constipation, strengthen the immune system, sooth you from pain, relieve you from hangover and calm you to sleep.

Lemon peels contain abundant of properties, vitamins and Flavonoids that help in weight loss, fight cancerous cells, prevent constipation, strengthen the immune system, calm you to sleep and improve digestion. It also contains properties that prevent diabetes, lowers high blood pressure, eliminates kidney stones, fights throat infections and respiratory disorders as well as inhibits the growth of microbes. It is also used in the treatment of cholera as well as rheumatism.

Lime peels are also abundant in vitamin c and properties that perform same or similar functions as that of the lemon peels.

Any of these peels can be mixed with dried hibiscus, lemon grass, ginger or mint to get an interestingly refreshing blend that is very aromatic to invigorate your day.

Drink Healthy, Organic Produce for Healthy Life

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