Fresh Limes


Surprisingly, there are about 20 different varieties of limes found all around the world. Our focus however is on the key limes. Key limes are green in colour; round shaped and has a sour taste. They are used widely for culinary purposes such as garnishing drinks, being sweetened into drinks, used as flavours for desserts, pastries, salad dressing, meat and vegetables.

Citrus is known for their nutritional powerhouses; thus high in vitamin C, antioxidants and other properties for which lime is no exception. Limes are very aromatic and are either cold pressed or distilled for their essential oils. This essential oil have properties that are anti microbial, acts as an appetizer, prevents spoilage, fights bacterial infections found in the colon, stomach and intestines. It also has restoratives properties and it revitalises the body.

Juices are also extracted from fresh whole limes and are widely used in the food and beverage industry. They are used in teas, drinks, and spirits, in tenderising meat as well as for garnishing. The cosmetic industry also uses lime in its beauty care products, soaps and perfumes.

Eat Healthy, Organic Produce for Healthy Life.

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