Essential Oils


Citrus are strong scented fruits. When you walk into an orange orchard in its flowering season, the smell of orange is very strong. In the same vein when you walk into the kitchen when one is peeling an orange you realise that the kitchen is filled with a pleasing aroma. Citrus oils are usually found in the peels of citrus (lemons, limes, oranges).

To extract oils from citrus (limes, oranges, lemons), there are two main ways; thus by cold pressing or distillation. At Quarcoo initiatives (Quin Organics) oils are extracted by distillation. Citrus oils are very potent hence you only need a drop which goes a long way.

The food and beverage industry as well as the cosmetic industry are big fans of citrus essential oils as they are used in tenderising meat, salad dressings, desserts, juices, drinks, alcohol, for garnishing, also used in soaps, perfumes, pomades and many more.

Apart from its industrial usage, it’s used by everyday people for a number of interesting things such as;

  1. A drop of any of the citrus essential oils (lemons, limes, oranges) in a cup of tea brings it alive while it refreshes you.
  2. A drop of citrus oil in a cup of ice cream gives it an interesting taste to die for.
  3. A drop of citrus oil in a bowl of water to wash your vegetables works just like vinegar.
  4. It is also used as a cleaning agent as you mop your floors or just a drop in the corners of your washrooms refreshes the place.
  5. A drop of citrus oil especially lime oil in a glass of water also refreshes you.

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